About CARL'O.

Born in France in 1975, funky popadelic Carl' O brings us a unique mix of influences.

Having already released three albums under the name of Carlton RARA (2009), a subtle re-invention allows him to bring us more of his quality albeit with a different coat on. 

With his new album Standing in the Corridor, Carl'O tackles matter such as human relationships and societal changes to the sound of accessible and easy going music, he delves deep into the grey matter under the steam of enjoyment and pleasure.

An actor and a voice actor too, Carl'O grew up attending artists of all kind : jazzmen, choregraphers,  performers, musicians, actors and directors who made him someone curious about the world.
With a hip-hop popmusic funk inspired laid back gentle groove, Carl'O's music digs down and settles nicely in the ears.

Mostly influenced by Michael Jackson, his productions refers to many various performers such as The Police, Kool & The Gang, Al Jarreau, Chris Rea, Lionel Richie, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, Outkast, John Legend, Aretha Franklin, BB King...


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