• Carlton Rara/CARL'O.

Keep Sayin I'm Crazy - The Lyrics

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Verse 1 I would like to know what it feels like What it feels to be in your skin I wish I could walk in your shoes Wish I knew the secrets of your moves I wanna be the motion of your hips when you're walking Be the shapes of your lips when you're talking I would give anything to know Bout your hopes, your joy and sorrow Chorus You can keep sayin I'm crazy You can curse and run away from me Let the time steal my name from your memory It won't change the way I feel You can claim that it's unworthy You can take my words as lunacy Even kick me out of the galaxy It won't change the way I feel Verse 2 As I'm laying right next to you I'm wondering what you're goin through I wanna get my ticket to your soul Wanna change my part and trade my role I'm dying to fly high above in the sky On the wings of your dreams I wanna lie I wish I could fall like gentle rain Kissing you and soothing your pain Rap You can keep sayin I'm crazy But I don't want you just to be mad at me And I know that you know that it's not easy Not to be fit to some way to be And here and now I won't live in a lie Love is running by and I'll give it a try It may take some time but that's part of the vibe The vibe I feel when I'm by your side Chorus...


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